New book, fresh from print – The Keys to Hell

United-Kingdom-flag-iconYesterday I received this book from my publisher, Alinea.
I have made the illustrations for this book, written by Peter Grønlund. And the title is “Nøglen til Helvede” (danish) – “The Keys to Hell”.
It’s not everyday you get Læs resten

Work in progress – Easy readers books #3 – Final stage

United-Kingdom-flag-iconI have just finalized the work on two books in a series with four detective kids.
The series is called “Club 4”, and it is written by Per Østergaard.
The publisher is Alinea. And the last thing the book needed, was Læs resten

Work in progress – easy readers books #2

Another sneak peak from Læs resten

Book Trailer – Goodbye Flopsy – A Tale from the Suburb

United-Kingdom-flag-iconFor some odd reason, I have made a lot of Book Trailers for other peoples comic books and novels, but not for my own comic.
Well… Now I have!
And at the same time, I got the chance to Læs resten

Homage drawing for Gaston Lagaffe’s 60th birthday

United-Kingdom-flag-iconA Homage drawing for the great artist, André Franquin and his brilliant character, Gaston Lagaffe who this day, february the 28. Is celebrating his 60th birthday. The drawing Can be Seen in the  Læs resten

Så er den her! – Hansi Hønegal, bog #5

Forsider Hansi bog 5

United-Kingdom-flag-iconFinally in my hands!… The printed version #5 in the book series with the Rooster Detective, Hansi Hønegal (danish)

The book is, as always, written by Henrik Einspor and illustrated by yours truly.



Så fik jeg lige en lille stak af ovenstående bog idag med snushanen, Hansi Hønegal.

Jeg har skrevet en del om udgivelsen her på det sidste.
Men nu er den her i trykt form. Og med lidt vilje fra Læs resten