Book Trailer – Goodbye Flopsy – A Tale from the Suburb

United-Kingdom-flag-iconFor some odd reason, I have made a lot of Book Trailers for other peoples comic books and novels, but not for my own comic.
Well… Now I have!
And at the same time, I got the chance to Læs resten

Homage drawing for Gaston Lagaffe’s 60th birthday

United-Kingdom-flag-iconA Homage drawing for the great artist, André Franquin and his brilliant character, Gaston Lagaffe who this day, february the 28. Is celebrating his 60th birthday. The drawing Can be Seen in the  Læs resten

Work in progress – Comic Page

A little peak into the making of a Comic page. I use Læs resten

My first comic on Comixology

United-Kingdom-flag-iconI just received a very positive reply from Comixology, which is an Amazon Company. They have approved my submission. And my comic, “Goodbye Flopsy – A tale from the suburb” will be in the Comixology platform very soon.
For those of you who don’t Læs resten


United-Kingdom-flag-iconBook Trailer for the Graphic Novel PUSSYLAND EXPRESS, written by infamous Author Henrik List, And brought to life in pictures by the three graphic artist: Søren Mosdal, Pedro Lopez & Jørgen Bitsch.
Published on the Fahrenheit Publishing Company.
Music and Video by yours truly.

Put on your headphones, turn up and enjoy the bass


Bogtrailer for den nye danske graphic novel PUSSYLAND EXPRESS, skrevet af Henrik List og visualiseret af Læs resten

Bogtrailer til Antoine Ozanam og Mikkel Sommers “Burn Out”

Dagens indlæg handler til en afveksling ikke om mine tegninger, men derimod om tegneserien Burn Out skrevet af Antoine Ozanam og tegnet af Mikkel Sommer. Tjek i øvrigt hans hjemmeside her
Jeg har på Læs resten

Trailer til den kommende antologi om besættelsen: KNIVSÆG

Trailer til antologien “KNIVSÆG” som udkommer på Forlaget Fahrenheit, d. 30. april 2015

Overleverede historier fra den tyske besættelse af Danmark, genfortalt af  Læs resten