SHADOW MOMENT - short promo video

Unleash the power of the dark matter. Listen to the full song here: Graphics by Michael Wettendorff and by Mitch Martinez

RED DIAMOND - Short promo video

Ladies and Gentlemen. bienvenue. Step out on the Dance floor, and let the Red Diamond lead you through the rest of the evening

Book Trailer for the comic: Goodbye Flopsy - A Tale from the Suburb 

Buy it here on Comixology and read it on your iPhone, iPad or Android: 

The Suburbs of Copenhagen, 1994. A young man is finally leaving his childhood home and wants to live the life as a grown up. But he left something behind. A little friend, who now seems to be a bit of a burden. Especially when You want to be a hard 'n' heavy guitar hero, who only wants to explore the difficult and anxiety provoking road to love!

A short promo video for my song, “Cometa 6593
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