New song on Wettendorff-Soundcloud. “The Silent Attack” 

Go to the link in my bio, and go directly to my Soundcloud to hear the full song

Night of the living” out on:

It actually started out as an experiment. I found these high resolution 4K Stock video clips, and began to edit a video with a sketch for a tune, just to see where things would lead to. The idea was, that the images would draw my music in an direction, instead of the other way around.. And this is the result. 

I’ve used video clips from And the videos are made by: MITCH MARTINEZ (the main part), VID MONSTER and DPMEDIAGROUP

SHADOW MOMENT - short promo video

Unleash the power of the dark matter. Listen to the full song here: Graphics by Michael Wettendorff and by Mitch Martinez

RED DIAMOND - Short promo video

Ladies and Gentlemen. bienvenue. Step out on the Dance floor, and let the Red Diamond lead you through the rest of the evening

A short promo video for my song, “Cometa 6593

Days of Joy
Music video with my band “Mr. Torrance

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